aibeiok is an international fast fashion brand. The company mainly focuses on women’s wear. aibeiok mainly targets Europe, North America and Australia along with other consumer markets. The brand has upheld the philosophy that “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion.” Its business covers more than 220 countries and regions around the world.


The studio is full of design drawings and whimsy. With its uniqueness, it always makes those discerning high-quality customers fallen in love with, which inspires aibeiok to honed insight and stay ahead of the game continually.


aibeiok embraces all cultures and is always thinking about how to make each person show their unique lifestyle.



We hope aibeiok can be an affordable casual brand for women. For aibeiok, casual Wear is not only an attitude but a way of life. So we want to bring cheap casual fashion to woman. We hope each person can show their unique lifestyle.


In order to bring the best quality and price street clothing to our customers, we have our own factories and workers in Asia now.


We will restless pursuit for quality. Each piece of clothing is handcrafted by workers with the most precise sewing and work. The clothing is then put together and packaged with care. All items go through a number of inspections for quality before it is ever sent out. Our workers care about the quality of the clothing and will put in 100% of their effort to provide the best quality for our customers.

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